Open the Treasure Chest to discover a kaleidoscope of colour!

Inspired by gemstones such as Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Opal and Jet, this exciting combination of 24 Chromatone poms truly reflects these sparkling colours. Yet another precious collection from Chromatone, recognised as the premier International Carpet Colour Reference System. Chromatone have many years experience producing colour samples for the carpet and rug industry and now has by far the most superior colour referencing system with a total number of colours in the range now standing at over 2,000. The Chromatone system is now in use all over the world.It is a vital tool for communication of colours between designers, specifiers, dyers, manufacturers and retailers. The Chromatone range is an absolute essential for anyone with a serious attitude to aesthetics and design.These new samples are designed to further augment an already highly successful product.