Chromatone introduce new collection at Domotex.

The design industry is based on colour and matching shades from original designs to manufacturing and is critical to the finished product. The wool industry has long used a system of colour referencing – Chromatone – which is equivalent to Pantone but specifically for wool.

The seasonal shade showcases introduced by the West Yorkshire company at Domotex 2014 will be used by designers as an essential tool of the trade – allowing a designer in one country to manage colour integrity across international borders. It is mainly used in rug design and contract markets where colour is essential in design.

‘Contemporary Style’, the new introduction is described as being inspired by ‘nature’s alluring elements’ and is a striking collection of sixty new Chromatone shades. It reflects the colours found in botanic gardens, fruit orchards, rocky outcrops and in the countryside. “There is a more muted tone to this collection with blush shades and mauve hues.

We have dedicated it to our former colleague, Jon Snowden who worked with us at Chromatone for many years and sadly died this year after a short illness. Jon was a lovely man and very good at his job and we wanted to honour him with this collection,” said Ian Robertson, Managing Director. The new collection is housed in the standard format of a pom box which ensures complete compatibility with the other seven existing intermediate Chromatone Collections.